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“So, how do I eat these?” The most frequent question we hear, and of course, we want to answer with a smirk, “With your mouth.”  OOO but that’s not helpful. In reality, add a handful, or more, of microgreens to whatever you’re already eating. Top your salads and sandwiches, the obvious. Add to smoothies, eggs,  vegetable side dishes, pizza, soups and atop your favorite main course — steaks to Tater Tot Hot Dish.  Everything is better with a little fresh, green,  zippy crunch.

“Why do I want to eat these?” Flavor, texture, eye appeal aside, these little power-packed greens are nutrient dense and crazy healthy. We grow, harvest, wash and pack our microgreens with absolutely no chemicals or growth “enhancers.” The seeds and soil are healthy and nutritious. The clear, clean, true flavor shines in microgreens, nothing artificial or preserved. Sweet. Green. Clean.

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Sunflower Microgreens – tender, crunchy, packed with protein. Kids love them! Add to smoothies, top hot entree’s or eat them out of the box. 


Sweet Peas – sweet and delicate, great for salads, sandwiches, wraps and stir fry. Especially a favorite for someone trying Microgreens for the first time.


Classy Classic Mix – Blend of brassica greens (i.e. kale, broccoli, cabbage) with a touch of mizuna or mild *mustard, for a flavor burst.  Add to salads, sandwiches and really great with egg dishes.


Zesty Mix – Blend of three colorful mustards, arugula and a hint of collards. Adds the WOW factor to all foods – best with sandwiches/wraps, soups warm vegetable side dishes


Radish – typically our Radish Microgreens are a blend of Sparkler (mild) and Red Arrow (medium).  These amp up sandwiches and salads in particular, stirred into potato salads, but are great as topping on soup, eggs and side dishes.

Chef’s Fancy Mix – Chef’s know best. This beautiful, high color, diverse blend of microgreens can’t be beat for versatility and creativity.  A smooth blend of broccoli, red cabbage, kale, mustards, arugula with a twist of amaranth for color, makes this an unbeatable culinary delight.


Healthy Trio – a medley of Sunflower, Sweet Pea and Radish microgreens. Sweet Peas are high in Vitamin C which works in conjunction with the amino acids in Sunflowers to enhance absorption of protein. Radish is known to enhance digestion, skin and cardiovascular function. Tasty combo to enjoy on sandwiches, salads and with entrees.


Recipe Builder:  Pesto – Sweet Pea, Sunflower and Zesty Mix. Combo box proportioned for the Microgreen and Kale Pesto Recipe.

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