When you hear the word, Casablanca, what comes to mind?  

Largest city in Morocco, a port on the Atlantic Ocean?

The city was the setting of Casablanca, a 1943 film starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman?

How about a cozy and welcoming fine dining restaurant with a charming and knowledgeable owner/chef/waiter who serves the absolute BEST European creative cuisine in southeast Minnesota? When you hear “Casablanca” think Chef Bojji. 
When you hear Chef Bojji, think entrees that are stunning in appearance and bursting with flavor and texture. Think seafood flown in daily. Think fresh, locally sourced farm-to-table produce. Think yum.
My daughter, Rachel Joy, and I dined at Casablanca Creative Cuisine last night. What an experience! We walked into a candle-lit and lamp lit simple but elegant dining room. Some high tables, some low. Interesting decor, not cluttered or gaudy. I appreciate that. Some places I’ve dined, were overwhelming with this-n-that, knicky-knack, or antiques-gone-dusty-moldy. Keep it simple, folks.
Rachel Joy ordered a chicken and vegetable flat bread. She requested the Thai Sauce on the side — dubious of the spicy factor. Chef Bojji, agreed to do that, but said, “The sauce really makes the flat bread.” He was right. She ate every crumb and drop.
I ordered Shrimp Taco, no shell (a.k.a. Gluten Free). It was a beautiful tower of tomatoes, mango, herbs and i don’t know what all, with some jumbo shrimp. I wished I’d taken a photo. In actuality, I dug in! 
My daughter and I had met to discuss the possibilities of her working with My Sweet Greens MN as our customer reach representative. I’d brought some sample Microgreens, and my last finished product box of beautiful Pea Shoots to show her what it looked like – what she’d be selling. 
We both dropped a few sweet pea shoots onto our entrees. Chef Bojji, who may have felt a little sad that we “decorated” his beautiful food art at first, asked if they were herbs. We talked Microgreens the rest of the evening! I gave him the box of Sweet Pea Microgreens, as a gift. We were enjoying our dining experience so much it was a pleasure to share our greens with him. 
Soon, he came back to our table with an adorable plate for another guest, topped with our microgreens! I walked to their table, met two lovely Rochester women, and asked to take a photo of their food! He came out with a second plate, topped with greens! It was so much fun seeing our pretty little micros “in action” right there in the restaurant. Rave reviews from the ladies, who then asked for our brochure. 
Sweet Pea Microgreens
Microgreens on Jumbo Prawn Shrimp







All in all, it was a wonderful evening. We talked microgreens, we made lots of plans for Rachel Joy to get on board with sharing our product and services with local chefs, and we made a new friend. 
Bon Appetit, Chef Bojji! 

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